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Scrapbook for Martin Denberg

I have written an article to a danish polymer magazine:

  • Plast Panorama – The article is entitled: “Additiver og andre organiske stoffer migrerer.” In English it would be: “Additives and other organic compounds migrates.”

An article that describes my PhD thesis has been published in the media:

  • DTU Avisen (GB: DTU newspaper) had the first version entitled: “Når vandrør forsvarer sig,” the title in English would be: “When water pipes defend them self.”

  • (GB: “”) has a version entitled: “Vandrør forsvarer sig med kemi,” the title in English would be: “Water pipes defend them self with chemistry.”

  • DTU Nyheder (GB: “DTU News”) has a version entitled: “Årsagen til fenollignende stoffer I drikkevandet er fundet,” the title in English would be: “The reason for phenolic compounds in the drinking water has been found.”

  • Politiken had the 13'th of September 2009 a version entitled: “Jo mere vand i rørene, jo flere fenollignende stoffer,” the title in English would be: “The more water in the pipes, the more phenolic compounds.”

My PhD Thesis: ”Release of organic compounds from polymer pipes used in drinking water distribution". You can download it here.

ISI publications:

  • Denberg, M. Arvin, E. Mosbæk, H. & Hassager, O. (2009) ”Determination of the concentration profile and homogeneity of antioxidants and degradation products in a cross-linked polyethylene type A (PEXa) pipe,” Polymer Testing, vol. 28, p. 378-385. Link to paper: Here.

  • Denberg, M. Arvin, E. & Hassager, O. (2007) ”Modelling of the release of organic compounds from polyethylene pipes to water,Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology-AQUA, vol. 56, p. 435-443. Link to paper: Here.

  • Nielsen, J.K. Rasmussen, H.K. Denberg, M. Almdal, K. & Hassager, O. (2006) ”Nonlinear Branch-Point Dynamics of Multiarm Polystyrene.” Macromolecules. Vol. 39. p. 8844-8853. Link to paper: Here.